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Idea: manufacturing cleaning and chemical products

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Cleaning Products Logo
* Home
* Auto Care
* Fabrics
* Household
* Industrial
* Easy Start
* Testimonials
* Resellers
* Detergents
* Instructions
* Products

Imagine yourself becoming filthy rich with a dirt cheap investment, selling
cleaning products.

Manufacture and sell detergents, cleaners and chemical products.

There are so many "how to's", formulas and recipes for manufacturing cleaning
and chemical products, green cleaning goodies, bath soap and carpet shampoo,
it seems an overwhelming and daunting task to find the best solution.


Learn the secrets no cleaning and chemical manufacturing company wants
you to know ...
How to manufacture detergents, cleaners and chemical products at low,
low prices and sell with mark-ups of up to 500%!

The large international producers of cleaners, detergents and chemical
products are amongst the richest industries in the world - and they
just keep getting richer. Between a handful of them they maintain a
monopoly on a massive multi-billion dollar industry. Just think of
BASF, Unilever, Dow Chemicals and Shell Chemicals.

A study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group in Germany in 2009,
found that the global consumption of chemical products in 2008 exceeded
1.9 trillion Euros.

This is an amazing 3.5% of the whole world's economic activity.


Manufacturing detergents and chemical cleaning products is one of the
most profitable industries in the world.

You are about to discover some of the most tightly kept secrets of this
industry - how you can easily manufacture a huge range of popular high
quality household, commercial and industrial detergents and chemical
cleaning products.

In fact, with our formulas you can manufacture all of the the most
profitable cleaning and detergent products - from dishwashing liquids,
laundry detergents, window cleaners, heavy duty degreasers, floor
cleaners, carpet cleaners and many more - all from your own home,
garage, or any location you choose, safely and easily, without any
special equipment, and no knowledge of chemical science.

With 12 years of experience in the chemical manufacturing industry, we
have accumulated 126 of the world's best formulas for manufacturing
chemical and cleaning products for:
* Car wash / auto care and cleaning.
* Fabric and clothing care and cleaning.
* Household and kitchen cleaning and maintenance.
* Industrial cleaning and maintenance.

These are excellent, one of a kind books in a low risk, high profit
industry, easy to get started with... AND you won't find this
information anywhere else. Not on the internet, in a library, or in a

These books are written in layman's language and you can benefit
immediately from them.
* Start up costs are low. You can jump start your business with a
very small investment.
* Products are easy to manufacture, but extremely powerful.
* Raw materials are readily available anywhere from international
chemical suppliers.
* Your products cannot be copied. The secret is in your book of
* It is a sound business, with unlimited growth potential.
* The market will never be saturated.
* After your initial start-up, you only replace what you use.
* You sell your products at your own convenience.
* This industry is one of the most profitable on the planet.

Our books on the Manufacturing of Cleaning and Chemical Products is the
result of experience gained over a period of twelve years in the
chemical industry, accumulating, manufacturing and testing different
formulas to produce only the highest quality products which can compete
with any other manufactured product.

These are the same products as those used every day, world wide, in all
industries, households, factories, offices, public buildings,
hospitals, schools and, in fact, anywhere you can think of.

Just imagine what you are capable of, having 126 formulas accumulated
over many years of research and practice, with which you can
immediately start producing and selling your own cleaning products to
friends, family and businesses like:
* Detergent and Cleaning Product Resellers.
* The Automobile / Car Wash Industry.
* Mining and Engineering.
* Hotels and Hospitality Industry.
* Food and Beverage Suppliers.
* Hospitals and Veterinary Clinics.
* Schools and Kindergartens.
* Contract Cleaning Businesses.
* Industrial Laundries and Launderettes.
* Office and Workshop Cleaning.
* Household and Kitchen Cleaning.
* Floor, Tile and Window Care.
* Coach and Truck Wash Bays.

This unprecedented collection contains extensive product formulas, plus
invaluable resources, information and advice on branding, packaging,
marketing and more!

Soap and carpet cleaning product recipes are easy to find for free on
the internet, but you'll NEVER find anything like this collection of
cleaning and chemical formulas that has taken years of practice and
experience and countless hours to compile, edit and produce.

So what would you pay for a sure fire way to make yourself rich?
$1000.00? Even more?
We're now selling the whole book for the bargain price of only [DEL:
$199.00 :DEL] $140.00.

However, we've made it as easy as we possibly can for you to start
making money immediately.

How about less than [DEL: $50.00 :DEL] $40.00

We're selling the four books separately so that you can start with a
specific product range and purchase the rest of the formulas later when
you are ready to grow your manufacturing business:
4 Cleaning Product Books
* Auto Wash and Care Product Manufacturing.
* Household and Kitchen Product Manufacturing.
* Fabric and Clothing Care Product Manufacturing.
* Industrial Cleaning and Chemical Product Manufacturing.

at the very affordable discount price of [DEL: $48.00 :DEL] less then $40.00
and as low as $29.95 for each section.


Buy one book and get the other at half price!

New combined versions for as little as [DEL: $60.00 :DEL] $45.00

We have combined Auto Wash and Care Products ($29.95) with Fabrice Care
Products ($29.95) and Industrial Cleaning Products ($39.95) with
Household and Kitchen Products ($39.95).

Buy the combined version of Auto and Fabric Care Products for only
$44.95 instead of the normal price of almost $60.00.

Buy the combined version of Household, Kitchen and Industrial Cleaning
Products for only $59.95 instead of the normal price of almost $80.00.
Industrial and Household

More information on the combined product formulas is available on each
product page.

Easy Start Products!

Price reduced from $29.00 to $19.95!

Please read here about our Easy Start Formulas

Easy Start Products-
Auto Wash and Care Products-

Read more here about AUTO WASH & CARE PRODUCTS
Fabric and Clothing Care Products-

Household and Kitchen Products-

Industrial Cleaning and Chemical Products-


Examples of Detergent and Cleaning Product Formulas

Here are some examples of the products you can manufacture and sell for
enormous profits, but still at a lower price than the products
available on your supermarket or wholesaler shelves.

Auto Wash & Care Product
Now selling for only $29.95

* Car shampoo.
* Car wash & wax.
* Dashboard gloss.
* Anti fogging glass cleaner.
* Insect remover.
* Pre-wash traffic film remover.
* Jet wash spray wax.
* Tire and bumper shine.

Our Auto Care products have been formulated to replace all other
products used in the Auto, Coach and Truck cleaning industry, at a
fraction of the cost of the presently used ones.

Kitchen Products.

* Fat removers.
* Oven cleaners.
* Floor Cleaners.
* Liquid dishwashing detergents.
* Anti bacterial dishwashing paste.
* Scouring cleaner.
* Floor tile mop and shine.
* Floor polish.

Other Household Products.
Now reduced from $48.00 to only $39.95

* Liquid hand soap.
* Beauty soap.
* Hair shampoo.
* Window cleaner.
* Household bleach.
* Universal cleaner.
* Air freshener.
* Toilet bowl detergents and cleaners.
* Pure pine disinfectant.
* Liquid furniture polish.
* Tile and household cleaners.

Most of the above products can also be manufactured with anti-bacterial
ingredients, or germicides, sanitizers / disinfectants, as well as
stronger and more multi purpose ingredients. All the formulas are in
the book.

Fabric and Clothing Care.
Now selling for only $29.95

* Liquid laundry detergent.
* Pre-soakers.
* Pre-wash lotion.
* Normal fabric softener.
* Fast dry fabric softener.
* Easy iron fabric softener.
* Fibre care fabric softener.
* Spot remover.
* Wool washing liquid.

These products have also been formulated to be manufactured with anti
bacterial ingredients, for the safety of children and people with
certain skin allergies.

Industrial Chemical Products.
Now reduced from $48.00 to only $39.95

* Universal cleaner.
* Acidic public bathroom and toilet disinfectant and cleaner.
* D-limonene based graffiti cleaner, fat remover, grease trap
cleaner, etc .
* Soap scum remover.
* Machine floor scrubber.
* Wall cleaner.
* Drain cleaner.
* Cement concrete and brick cleaner.
* Light, heavy and extra heavy duty degreaser.

All of the above mentioned products are still only about one third of
the formulas contained in the book, so, as you can see, if you or
anyone else you know, needs a product, you'll find in in the book.

All the raw materials you need to start your own production are readily
available from chemical suppliers world wide.

But it doesn't stop here...

If you buy this book we want you to succeed in your new business
venture. We have therefore bundled the book with these FREE BONUS GIFTS
to help you get started fast and make money immediately.

Bonus gift # 1:

A business plan and profile template in MS Word where you just fill in
the blanks, to help you get a head start by having a proper business

Bonus gift # 2:

A start-up expense report template in Excel to help you work out
start-up costs.

Bonus gift # 3:

An expense report template in Excel, where all your business expenses
can be recorded and updated easily.

Bonus gift # 4:

A customer management list template in Excel, where you keep complete
records of all your clients.

Bonus gift # 5:

A fixed asset register template in Excel with three types of
depreciation formulas.

Bonus gift # 6:

A checkbook register template in Excel where you can record all the
checks, cash or electronic payments you make.

Bonus gift # 7:

A mortgage amortization schedule template in Excel, if you need to make
a loan, you can work out the terms and repayments you have to make.

Bonus gift # 8:

A vehicle service record template in Excel, where you have a record of
all your vehicle expenses.

Bonus gift # 9:

A costing and cash flow template in Excel to do your costing, work out
your gross and net profit and project it in a monthly cash flow

Bonus gift # 10:

A 12 month profit and loss projection template in Excel to work out
your net profit, or loss, and project it on a monthly basis.

Bonus gift # 11:

A 1 Year sales forecast template in Excel to project your existing
sales forward for 12 months.
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If, within 60 days, you have not
made any money from any of our formulas you may request a 100% refund -
no questions asked. We're not worried because we know these books can
make you rich if you seriously make use of it.

So, the risk is all on us. Order your copy of a section of Cleaning and
Chemical Product Manufacturing today from Clickbank here and you can
immediately download it and start your new business
Auto Wash and Care Products-

Click here to buy: AUTO WASH & CARE PRODUCTS
Fabric and Clothing Care Products-

Household and Kitchen Products-

Industrial Cleaning and Chemical Products-

Auto and Fabric Care Products-

Click here to buy: AUTO & FABRIC CARE PRODUCTS
Industrial Cleaning and Chemical Products-


from the ClickBank® Secure Server

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and paying by any of the following means

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Two things to remember:

We have tried to put all the information on these products on our
website, but in all the books we have a lot more explanations of raw
materials and products. If there is still something you need more
information on, please email me, tommeintjes at mweb.co.za, with your

tommeintjes at mweb.co.za is my personal and only email address and I
don't like receiving spam, as I think you do too, therefore your email
to me is treated as privileged information.

CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc. and used
by permission. TM Marketing is not an authorized agent or
representative of Click Sales, Inc. Click Sales, Inc. has not
reviewed, approved or endorsed our products, or any claim, statement
or opinion made by ourselves or our products.

Buy now!

Household Products-
Industrial Products-
Auto Wash Products-
Fabric Care Products-
Auto & Fabric Care Products-
Hosehold-Kitchen Cleaning Products-

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